Vehicle Impound Register

To apply for the release of your vehicle please complete the Application for Pound Release form.

Impounded Vehicles
ID Number : 319 Enlarge
Model : magna
Colour : SILVER
Type : SEDAN
Description : Reasonable condition
Registration Label : nil
Registration Plate : No
Impounded On : 22/October/2015
Impounded From : CHURINGA DRIVE Churchill 3842
ID Number : 318 Enlarge
Make : FORD
Colour : RED
Type : sedan
Description : reasonable condition
Registration Label : PRD112
Registration Plate : No
Impounded On : 10/September/2015
Impounded From : Selma Court Traralgon 3844
ID Number : 317 Enlarge
Make : KIA
Colour : BLUE
Type : sedan
Description : Had been tampered with on steering wheel, had stolen plates on it, Police caught the person coming back to get the car, not sure if owner or person stealing car. Police request it be impounded Traralgon Police.
Impounded On : 29/July/2015
Impounded From : whittakers Road Traralgon 3844
ID Number : 316 Enlarge
Model : v6
Colour : WHITE
Type : SEDAN
Description : Driver side tyres x2 both slashed and flat, small amount of damage on off drivers side front guard forward of tyre. Otherwise good condition, car unlocked, wiring on floor.
Impounded On : 20/July/2015
Impounded From : COLLINS STREET TRARALGON Traralgon 3844
ID Number : 315 Enlarge
Model : unknown
Make : mitsubishi
Colour : teal green
Type : station wagon
Description : Station wagon with roof rack, no one knows where it comes from.
Registration Label : NIL
Registration Expiry : NIL
Registration Plate : No
Engine Number : UNKNOWN
Impounded On : 16/July/2015
Impounded From : Milligan Court Traralgon Traralgon 3844

Contact Information

For any enquiries related to impounded vehicles, including information on releasing, please contact our local laws team on 1300 367 700