Information on how to pay a fine or how to appeal a fine.

Dealing with an infringement notice

If you receive a fine, it will have a due date by which time you must pay or take other action. If you ignore a fine it will become more serious and costly. The options below are available to you if your fine is at infringement notice stage.

If you are unsure of your notice type, view the explanation guides in the My Notice Explained

Options to deal with your infringement notice:

View the infringements process to help understand the options that are available to you at each stage of the infringements process. 

If you don’t pay

If you do not pay your fine and you ignore all reminders, the matter becomes serious and costly. The Infringements Court may issue an enforcement order and/or an infringement warrant, giving the Sheriff power to enforce that warrant.

The Sheriff can enforce an unpaid infringement warrant by:

  • the seizure and sale of your property
  • suspension of your driver licence
  • suspension of your vehicle's registration
  • non-renewal of your vehicle's registration
  • wheel clamping of your vehicle
  • your arrest 

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