Summer School Holiday Care Booking Request and Permission Form

The staff at Moe school holiday care program provide a variety of activities within the children’s school holiday program for educational and recreational purposes that occur regularly. We provide opportunities to enhance and foster children’s relationships and participation in peer related activities and experiences, whilst fostering their connection to their world and learning.

Please complete the following form to request a booking for the summer school holidays.

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If there is a possibility of adding days/activities, please select 'permission only granted' for all activities. This will ensure you won't need to complete an additional form. Vacation Care service users will be required to give ONE WEEKS NOTICE to the service administration staff if cancelling a booking.
Monday 8 January: Welcome Breakfast and Movie Monday

Tuesday 9 January: Wood Craft amd Slime and Messy Outdoor Play

Wednesday 10 January: Beaded Jewellery and Swimming at Moe Outdoor Pool

Thursday 11 January: BBQ Burgers and Slushies

Friday 12 January: Bricks4kidz

Monday 15 January: Splatter Paint Mural and Water Fight Battle

Tuesday 16 January: Clay Creations and Sand Canvas Art

Wednesday 17 January: Kitchen Experience - Spiders and Swmming at Moe Outdoor Pool

Thursday 18 January: Outdoor Games and Scratch Art

Friday 19 January: Apex Park Picnic Lunch and Stadium 34

Monday 22 January: Spray Dye Painting and Kitchen Experience

Tuesday 23 January: Swimming at Moe Outdoor Pool

Wednesday 24 January: Disco Day

Thursday 25 January:Warragul Cinema and Civic Park

Friday 26 January - Australia Day Public Holiday - CLOSED
Your children will travel to all excursions with Latrobe Valley Bus Lines. The children will be supervised with the ratio of one educator to ten children. Risk assessments have been prepared and are available at the service.
I authorise my child/ren to attend the incursions/excursions indicated and agree that the Latrobe City Council and its officers, educators, staff and agents shall be released from, and shall not incur, any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any accident or injury to the child/ren participating in the Vacation Care Program, or for any damage to or loss of property of the child/ren participating in the program.
I authorise Latrobe City Council to obtain medical/ambulance assistance in the case of accident or emergency involving the child/ren and I agree to bear any costs thereby incurred.
I give permission to the staff of Moe Vacation Care, school holiday program to take my child/ren on walking routine outings to Ted Summerton Reserve Moe (oval), Moe South Primary School, Fire Evacuation Practice, Moe Early Learning Centre or/and Apex Park, Waterloo Road.
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Latrobe City Council is committed to the protection of your privacy.
The information on this form will be collated on a database, to assist with planning of vacation care services. The information sought through this form will only be used by Latrobe City Council in conjunction with the Department of Education and Training.