Preschool Field Officer

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) Program:

  • Builds the capacity of early childhood educators in funded kindergarten programs to plan and deliver a kindergarten program that provides for the access, learning and development, and meaningful participation of children with additional needs.
  • Assists kindergartens to link families into the range of available supports and services in relation to children with developmental concerns and broader child and family supports.
  • Complements other universal and specialist services that are available to support children’s learning, development and wellbeing in the kindergarten program.
  • Is available at no cost to the kindergarten program or families.
  • Responds to referral applications received from early childhood educators and others involved in the care and education of children with additional needs, with parental permission.

For further information contact the Preschool Field Officer on:

Phone: 5128 5609


Who is eligible for the PSFO service?

The PSFO service is available to any funded kindergarten program to support the inclusion of children with additional needs and children in receipt of Early Start Kindergarten funding. Children must be attending or about to commence a funded kindergarten program for the kindergarten to receive PSFO support.

Does the PSFO program work directly with families?

The PSFO program works within the context of the kindergarten program supporting the educator to support the child. They do not directly deliver intervention to a child within the kindergarten setting, but instead act as a consultant and coach to the early childhood educator.

Where a kindergarten seeks the PSFO service in relation to a child, the early childhood educator is required to obtain informed consent from parents/guardians/carers for PSFO involvement with their child, prior to requesting assistance.

Can parents contact the PSFO program?

Parents of children in funded kindergarten programs who have concerns regarding their child’s development are encouraged to discuss these with their child’s kindergarten educator. Where a parent directly contacts the PSFO program, the PSFO will liaise with the relevant kindergarten educator to progress the referral.

For more information regarding the PSFO Program:

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