Traffic School Key Information

Emergency call-out

An emergency call out to open the facility will result in forfeit of the security bond. Ensure keys are collected during office hours.

Key collection

Collect a key prior to the booking to open the facility from any Latrobe City Service Centre.

Service centre opening hours

If you have hired the Traffic Educator a key is not required. The educator will open the facility.

Key return

The key must be returned to the service centre it was collected from, within three working days. Failure to do so will cause a delay with the refund of the security bond. If the key is not returned, the security bond will be forfeited.

Ensure you sign the key register on return of the key, as confirmation the key has been returned. The security bond will be refunded within 15 working days on return of the key and the EFT form.

Correct key use

To open the entrance gate, doors of the main building and toilet facilities, hold the blue fob in front of the black panel section on door handles, until the light indicates green.


Place the fob on the black panel section of all locks until the light turns red.  Check to ensure the gate and all doors are actually locked.