Commercial Training, Well-Being and Fitness Group Activities - Application Form

A person must not, while present in a Recreation Centre or on a Public Reserve and Recreation Ground, undertake or organise activities for commercial gain, including commercial tour operations, and commercial providers of recreational activities (personal trainers use of facility) without a permit and payment of the prescribed fee. (Division 28, Section 143, 1H of Latrobe City Council Local Law No 2 – Community Amenity)

By submitting form below, you certify that all details supplied in this application form are true and correct and that the application has been submitted with the full knowledge and agreement of the management of the applicant organisation and auspicing body. 

You also agree to contact Latrobe City Council if  the details of this application changes or is found to be incorrect and to the terms and conditions.

Application form

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Latrobe City Council will not consider any application for ‘blanket bookings’, (for example: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm).
Fee for the 2018/19 financial year is $54.10 (inclusive of GST) per month, per reserve.