Acting with Audition Monologues with Peta Hanrahan

Acting with Audition Monologues with Peta Hanrahan

This workshop will shine a light on what it takes to be a professional actor.

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VRI Hall, 18-20 Queens Pde, Traralgon, VIC, Australia

How much

Admit $15.00


Acting with Audition Monologues with Peta Hanrahan
director of A Room Of One’s Own


 Suitable for 18 years and older


Whether you are an amateur theatre enthusiast or taking a big deep breath and stepping out into a long held dream for the first time, this workshop will shine a light on what it takes to be a professional actor. Peta Hanrahan’s teaching style is definitely about the discipline of being an actor, but she also creates a nurturing environment that acknowledges your courage to take the next step in developing your skills in this richly rewarding artistic endeavour.   Peta will take you through a gentle physical journey, that will explain some of the emotional psychology around performance, what your body is saying and what the audience see’s. Then with your 3 minute monologue, you have the opportunity to be directed by one of Melbourne’s most sought after and award winning professional theatre director’s. Peta will give you new ways to approach text and how then to deliver it in an audition setting.

Participant requirements

  Must wear comfortable arch support footwear such as runners. Must wear comfortable and flexible clothing – no jeans or skirts.   Something to write in, like an exercise book or journal.
Participants are asked to prepare an approximately 3 minute monologue from a play. The play can be of any nationality although Australian plays are encouraged. Please, no Shakespeare, he’s so amazing he needs his own workshop.

This workshop will run from 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Peta Hanrahan Bio 

Peta Hanrahan has been a devoted Independent Theatre practitioner in the Australian theatre industry for over 30 years. Winning several awards for her work as a Director, Producer and major contributor to the sector. She studied with a Lecoq master in Australia for 4 years at the beginning of her career that has built the foundation of her work ever since. Peta is also a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts in Direction, winning the Most Outstanding Graduate Award in 2013, and former Artistic Director and senior teacher at Verve Studios, a premier acting school in Melbourne.