Flexible Support Packages

Flexible support packages are developed in partnership with people with a disability, and their families and carers, to plan for and implement flexible supports tailored to individual needs and priorities.

The packages provide discretionary funding and/or short term case management to support individuals, families and carers.  The development and implementation of a flexible support package is based on a self-directed planning and support approach.  The principles of the self-directed approach are self-determination, choice, inclusion, transparency, accessibility and citizenship.

When considering an application for Flexible Support Package funding, the following indicators will be taken into account:

  • All applicants must have a disability as defined under the Disability Act 2006
  • Is the applicant under 65 years of age
  • The immediate and potential benefit of the support to reduce the likelihood for more intensive assistance in the future
  • The ability of the funding to build capacity for the client
  • The funding application must be one-off and short-term, and cannot be used for an ongoing client issues
  • The  capacity to strengthen or support the role of the family, carer or applicant’s support network
  • Evidence that other financial sources have been explored prior to the application and been unavailable or inappropriate; Flexible Support funding must not replace or duplicate supports that are available through other funding sources
  • Evidence of a person-centred approach in making the application
  • Evidence the funding will improve the applicant’s skills, capabilities, health and wellbeing
  • Flexible support packages are for Latrobe residents only
  • Applicant is not eligible if receiving Workcover, TAC or DVA for primary disability.

Applicants may not be approved the full amount of funding they have applied for.
All Applications must be accompanied by a Quote for the requested funding.
All applications will be considered and a written response will be provided within 30 days

If you are interested in attending or wanting to know more, contact the Aged and Disability Services Information, Assessment and Referral Officer (intake) on 1300 367 700.