Disability Programs Information

Futures for young adults

Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) program provides information, advice and support for up to three years to students with a disability who need additional assistance to make the transition to post-school options.  This program is available to eligible students from when they complete school from the age of 18 until they turn 21.

Our Disability Program will assist you and your carer in transition planning and support to set goals for the future, provide information and assistance to access further education, training, employment and community participation options.

Assistance with planning

The Assistance with Planning program helps people with a disability to pursue a lifestyle of choice that is flexible and tailored to the individual wishes and needs of that person.

This may include:

  • Developing or maintaining support networks of a person with a disability including family, friends, neighbours or colleagues
  • Helping to access  the range of services available to all members of the community
  • Assistance from disability provider to facilitate the development and recording of a plan
  • Assistance to access specific disability supports.

The guiding principles for planning:

  • Be directed by a person with a disability
  • Be individualised
  • Respect families and other people who are important to the person with a disability
  • Consider the informal support available to the person with a disability and consider other support services generally available to any person in the community
  • Maximise the choice and independence of the person with a disability
  • Facilitate tailored and flexible responses to the individual goals and needs of the person with a disability.

Individual support packages

Individual Support Packages are Disability Funds that are allocated to a person to meet their disability-related support needs.  The funds may be used for a range of disability related supports chosen by the person to assist them to achieve their goals.

Individual Support Packages may assist people with a disability to continue living in the community by providing a range of supports to:

  • Maintain independence
  • Living in their own home
  • Learning new skills

Planning for older carers

This program is aimed at supporting carers over the age of 60 and carers of Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander background over the age of 45, implementing skills development initiatives and future planning strategies to maximise opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve their goals in life.

Older carers must be caring for an individual with a physical or intellectual disability.

Eligibility will be determined in accordance with the DHS guidelines.  For more information contact DHS Disability Intake and Response Team.

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