Youth Initiatives and Programs

Latrobe Skatepark Series Committee

Latrobe City facilitates an annual Skate Park Committee which provides opportunities for personal growth and development for local youth through a number of training activities, workshops and events. 

The 2015 Latrobe Skatepark Series is a leadership program opportunity for Latrobe City youth who have an interest in Skateboarding, BMX or Scooter riding.

Latrobe City in partnership with YMCA Action Sports and the Victorian Skateboarding Association will host a number of training workshops to develop peoples skills in;

  • Event Judging
  • Event Management
  • Photography
  • Emceeing
  • Event Promotion

Program Purpose

Unlike other recreation facilities, skate parks and their associated sports don’t use club structures or formal process to engage patrons and the boarder community.

The purpose of the Latrobe Skatepark Series Committee is to provide a formal process for engagement and build capacity within local communities that patronise skate parks.

The main project for the Latrobe Skatepark Series Committee is to deliver a series of Skatepark Events that celebrate and showcase the skills and talents of young people and athletes on a regional level.

For more information on how to get involved please contact Andrew Legge on 1300 367 700.

Freeza Development Program

A group of young volunteers organise local drug and alcohol-free events across Latrobe City such as dance parties, live bands and cultural events.

The program builds skills in areas such as:
• event planning and management
• advertising and promotions
• risk management
• liaising with the music industry

Latrobe City Council works with Headspace to deliver the Freeza program. To get involved contact Headspace on telephone 5136 8300 or visit the Headspace website