2003 - Australia Day Winners

Major Award – Citizen of the year

Lorraine Bartling

The demonstrated commitment displayed by Mrs Lorraine Bartling of Traralgon, has paved the way to her receiving the 2003 Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award.  Lorraine is recognised for more than thirty years of devotion to the improvement of her community including Community Health, Facilities for the Aged, Local Government and as a volunteer heavily involved in community work throughout Latrobe City.

Lorraine began working as a Welfare Officer at the City of Traralgon in 1968 until 1984.  During this time Lorraine became increasingly aware of the need for a Village for the Aged and a Nursing Home and so a committee was formed to visit other Villages for the aged in Victoria.  As a result of this land was purchased by the City Council and the building of units commenced in 1970 and the Village was to be called Yallambee, which means "to dwell at ease"

In 1999, in honour and appreciation of Lorraine's hard work and guidance, the Traralgon District Nursing Home, which is connected to Yallambee Village, was renamed to "Bartling Place".

Lorraine was also instrumental in establishing a local community health service in Traralgon.

Lorraine served as a Councillor for the former City of Traralgon, which included 2 terms as Mayor, and then again as a Councillor for the new Latrobe Shire serving as a Councillor, Deputy Mayor and then Mayor, until retiring from Council in March 2000.

Some of the other committees, organisations and institutions Lorraine has been involved with in the Traralgon and the Latrobe communities are :-

Regional Welfare Officer for Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.
Three years Rehabilitation Case Manager for Vision Australia
(former Association for the Blind).

Member of Swan House Emergency Children's Home Committee
Member for Hyperactive Children's Family Support Committee
Chairman of Festival Gippsland
Member of Traralgon Community Health Centre Committee
Chairman of the Traralgon Police Consultative Committee
Member of the Latrobe Police Consultative Committee
Chairman of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal in Traralgon
Chairman of Latrobe Community Health Centre Board
Chairman of Yallambee Village for the Aged
Member of the Board for Lifeline
Chairman of the Sir McFarlane Burnett Centenary Committee

In June 2002, Lorraine was nationally honoured and recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Awards, by being awarded the  'Order of Australia Medal'.

Latrobe City is pleased to acknowledge such a selfless citizen, and congratulates Lorraine on receiving this great honour.

Major Award – Young Citizen of the Year

Kathryn Bartlett

Miss Kathryn Bartlett of Moe is recognised for her contributions to the community in her capacity as a volunteer and leader, devoting her time and energy towards helping others, including people with disabilities. Latrobe City congratulates Kathryn on her achievements and being awarded the 2003 Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Kathryn is an active member of the Gippsland Vocational Training Unit and willingly volunteers her time in all their Training Unit activities where she actively supports her peers in classes and advocates for others.

Kathryn contributes voluntary hours to the community as a member of Apex, and is an active fundraising supporter of 'Jeans for Genes Day, Apex and the Leukaemia Foundation.
She lobbied Local Government to make roads safer for people with disabilities and for the community in general. 
She is a Leader for the Girls Friendly Society Group
and a Member of the Steering Committee for the Latrobe City Youth Awards. 
Kathryn’s other significant contributions and achievements include being a current Member of the Gippsland Vocational Training Unit Action Group, a Member of the Gippsland Vocational Training Unit Advisory Body Group and also a Member of a group currently setting up a Support Unit for People with Disabilities.

Latrobe City is pleased to honour this amazing young achiever, who is to be commended on receiving this Award and wishes Kathryn all the best for her future.

Major Award – Community Event of the Year

Morwell Church Street Fiesta

This outstanding event is being recognised as the 2003 Community Event of the Year for its representation of the true multi-cultural society that we have in Latrobe City today.  The Church Street Fiesta gave the community of Latrobe City a great family night that catered for all ages.

The organising committee is to be congratulated for their dedication and hard work, and for staging an event that was provided for the enjoyment and participation for the community of Latrobe City.  The atmosphere that was enjoyed by approximately 8,000 people is a true indication of how proud one can be to live in a region that demonstrates the harmony between cultures that makes out society what it is today.

It was an excellent example of how the multi-cultural communities and service clubs of Latrobe City can work together, providing an opportunity to showcase the food from different nationalities and provide entertainment that many people from all over the world have brought to the Latrobe Valley - their home.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

Darell Benjamin

Darell Benjamin is being recognised for his contribution to the community in his active involvement in the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal for the last 20 years.  In that time Darell has virtually played a lone hand as Co-ordinator of the Appeal in Moe, Newborough, Yallourn North and the surrounding areas, and over that period has raised approximately $300,000.00 for the Royal Children's Hospital.

Darell is actively involved with the Yallourn Bowling Club and also a member of the Moe RSL.

Latrobe City thanks Darell for his continuous community involvement and congratulated him on his Recognition Award.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

Anna Fascio

Anna Fascio is being recognised for her 20 years of volunteer contribution to the Italian and wider communities and for her role as President of the Italian Elderly Citizens Club of Morwell.

Anna has been a key leader and support person for many years and has shown through her actions, that the community she interacts with, is an important part of her life by providing assistance and clerical support to those who need it.

Anna has strived to give as much as possible to the Italian and wider communities, and her reward is the satisfaction of knowing that she has made a difference in the lives of the people she touches.

Latrobe City is pleased to congratulate Anna for her devotion and commitment, and on being presented with this Award.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

William Koppe

William Koppe is being recognised for his volunteer contribution to the community in driving vehicles for Latrobe Co-ordinated Community Transport on a full time basis, Monday to Friday where all clients transported have a disability or are frail aged.

William is also the current driver for Moe Meals on Wheels deliveries and is the current driver of the Moe Adult Day Activity Services.  For the past 2.1/2 years William has been part of the ‘We Care’ program visiting the elderly.

Latrobe City thanks William for his commitment and congratulates him on receiving this Award.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

Roger Reis

Roger Reis is being recognised for his longstanding dedication and contribution to the Toongabbie community.  His outstanding work with the Toongabbie Recreation Reserve, Toongabbie Cricket Club, St. Davids Anglican Church, the restoration of the Mechanical Institute and other related ventures are a credit to him.  Roger is also being recognised for his contribution to the conservation of Toongabbie's history and beautification of the town, town planning, Rose Garden, Playground Development and Wetland Development.  He is a local historian currently completing a book on the Toongabbie town history.

Latrobe City congratulates Roger on his excellent work and is to be commended on receiving this Recognition Award.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

Tony Salvatore

Tony Salvatore is being recognised for his contribution to the community in the organisation of the Morwell 12th Annual Church Street Fiesta.  Tony put his heart and time into this multi-cultural event for the wider community and left his profession behind.  The success of the Fiesta was due to Tony's hard work and dedicated commitment to the community to ensure that the wider community would benefit from this event.  Tony is also commended for his involvement in the organisation of the Mini World Soccer Cup, with all monies raised going to Kiama Kinder in Traralgon.

Some of Tony's other significant contributions and achievements was his participation as a Torch Bearer and Ambassador for the AMP Olympic Torch Relay and his involvement in the ‘Plant a Tree’ day program.

Tony's involvement as coach of the Junior Falcons 2000 and his participation on the former Main Street Committee of Morwell has held him in high esteem for the work he has done for the town of Morwell.

Tony's continuous community involvement is commendable and deserves the recognition and thanks that this Award symbolises.

Latrobe City Award – Citizen of the Year

Elizabeth Wyatt

Mrs Elizabeth Wyatt, better known as Betty, is being recognised for her contribution to the community in her leadership and commitment to the elderly and socially isolated members of the community and the members of the Wattle Club of Churchill.

Betty is a very special individual who has put her caring attitude and talents to work for the benefit of the community over many years.  Described as a very caring and warm-hearted lady who is very diligent in her work, Betty works tirelessly for all those in her care at the Wattle Club. 

Betty’s work with the Wattle Club also involves both sadness and joy, and it is a testimony of her commitment to this community that she finds the extra time and personal energy to give in times of sorrow, showing great strength to both members and their families.

Latrobe City wishes to acknowledge Betty's outstanding commitment to the Wattle Club of Churchill, and is to be commended on receiving this Recognition Award.

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