1999 - Australia Day Winners

Major Award – Citizen of the Year

James Knowles

Jim has been involved in the Yinnar South County Fair for over twenty years. In this time he has been responsible for duties as divers as tallying the event’s takings, personally constructing picnic tables and chairs for the fair and organising other equipment to his diligent work ensuring that none of the traditional country fare was wasted. Jim has always made sure that leftover preserves and other edible delights were distributed to charity organisations for free. Jim has also been connecting communities though his loyal services to Yinnar South Citizen’s Association, taking personal charge of the distribution of their community newsletter.

Jim is also returned serviceman heavily involved with the RSL and Legacy Organisations through which he continues to serve his country. For longer than this humble citizen of the year would care to mention, he has been mailing out over three hundred birthday cards to many widows of war, ensuring they are not forgotten on their birthdays. Making sure that women are aware of the services available to them has also been a part of Jim’s Legatee work, and making the odd trip to Melbourne to get somebody medical appointment is not out of his way! 

Major Award – Young Citizen of the Year

Lydia Teychenne

The demonstrated commitment displayed by Miss Lynda Teychenne of Boolarra to the development of many local youth-orientated programs as well as her great academic and sporting achievements paved the way to her receiving the 1999 Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award. Lynda has been at the forefront of many musical ventures, including the founding of the Mirboo North Secondary College ‘Jazz Combo’ and has explored work experience with the Victorian College of the Arts. Lynda’s selfless maturity and presence of mind has helped her in her role as a Peer Support Leader, and her vision for the future sought when she participated in regional and state level Youth Constitutional Conventions.

Lynda’s dedication and leaderships skills have lead many organisations she has been involved with to success and we congratulate her on her achievements.

Major Award – Community Event of the Year

1998 International Six Day Enduro Committee

No Information recorded

Latrobe Shire Award – Citizen of the Year

Ray Beebe

Ray has dedicated himself for the past thirty six years to the Youth Scouting Movement, a commitment to leadership which has recently lead to him being presented with the prestigious Silver Emu Award from the Scouting Association of Australia. He manages to balance his various other involvements giving 120% in all areas which include Rotary, teaching at Monash University, Working as a consulting engineer both within Australia and internationally and work with Strzelecki Showtime.

Keith Brownbill

Keith has been resolutely focussed on improving economic and educational prospects for all people in and around the La Trobe Shire for some time. A long-standing “quiet achiever” recognised for his leadership skills, Keith is a member of the Morwell Rotary Club, the Main street & Street Life projects and a former Principle of Morwell High School whom is most deserving of the honour bestowed by award.

Margaret Cahill

Margaret was an “inspirational” volunteer for eight years at the Morwell campus of Kurnai College, bringing her valuable knowledge of art and ceramics to staff and students alike. Margaret’s wisdom and experiences were often relied upon by students seeking a mature reflection of life, and generally as she spread goodwill throughout the community. Her contribution especially to the Morwell Art Group is commendable and the La Trobe Shire is pleased to congratulate Margaret for her devotion and on being presented this well-deserved award.

Richard Hewat

Richard was a former Councillor with City of Morwell, is President of the Morwell Bowling Club and has received Life Membership to many community groups after years of donating his valuable time. Richard is actively involved in the Gippsland Swimming Association, Morwell Bowling Club, Morwell Briquetting & Power social club, Swimming Club among others, and is a noble recipient of this award. The La Trobe Shire thanks Richard for his long time commitment, and congratulates him on his most recent achievement.

Sam Johnston

Sam is a former municipal councillor, a much loved member of the Probus Club of Traralgon, long standing Apex member and vice president of the RSC Bowls Club. Sam has been involved in fundraising as well as donations to the Red Cross and worked as a volunteer community bus driver. His continuous community involvement since arrival from Ireland forty years ago is commendable, and Sam well deserves the recognition and thanks this award symbolises.

Roger Ries

Roger has a longstanding dedication to the preservation of the history and community of Toongabbie. Recognised as a “walking history book” Roger holds a wealth of knowledge about his community. His outstanding work with the recreation Reserve, Cricket Club, restoration of the Mechanic’s Hall and related ventures are a credit to him and a bonus for the municipality. Congratulations Roger on your excellent work and this award.

Doug Timmins

Doug is a community leader who has been involved with the Glengarry Community Sport and Recreational Reserve since 1957. He has devoted countless hours to community ventures ranging from his position as chairman of selections for Country Week to the twenty one years he spent as either secretary or president of the Glengarry Cricket Club. Doug has done everything within power, including help to build a playing oval for the community. It gives me great thanks to present this award to Doug.

Latrobe Shire Award – Young Citizen of the Year

Adam Dent

Adam has been an outstanding young figure in Gippsland Community Radio for some time. His broadcasts from community events such as the Church Street Fiesta and previous position as studio anchor for the Gippsland Falcons mean that you have probably already heard hi voice. Adam’s voice has more recently been responsible for vital communications during times of crises during his outstanding work as a Cadet and volunteer with St Johns Ambulance. Adam’s academic and practical skills are a credit to him and the La Trobe Shire is proud to acknowledge them as well as thank him for his enormous efforts.

Sarah Lovison

Sarah is a student leader at Kurnai College and one of the founding members of the “24 Flight, Air Training Corps” Pilot Youth Development Program. Her selection as Gippsland Representative at the 1999 National Youth Forum in Canberra and fundraising work for palliative care during the ISDE are only some of the highlights in her Volunteer dossier which also includes voluntary work with the Morwell Fire Brigade, umpiring with the youth club football. She is an amazing young achiever, who is to be commended on receiving this award.

Latrobe Shire Award – Community Event of the Year

Morwell Community Playground

In just 6 days, 2000 volunteers came together to build Morwell’s Community Playground. The concept of the project was to organise, design and construct a children’s playground for the Gippsland community. Morwell Community Playground was truly a community event unmatched in recent memory. There were many sponsors for this project, and without would not have happened.

Welsh Male Voice Choir

The Welsh male Voice Choir enabled the community to see and hear a cultural event not normally held in rural areas such as Toongabbie. The group brought visitors to Toongabbie providing tourism opportunities and awareness of our historical significance for the area.

Moe Day

The Moe development group is recognised for initiating, organising and creating the Moe Day for 1998. The group is also acknowledged for maintaining faith in the community of Moe by organising supporting a range of social, businesses and cultural activities.

1999 Traralgon International Tennis Championships

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