Sustainability Guide

Developed in conjunction with the Natural Strategies Group, this Guide is designed to help Latrobe City residents take action to live more sustainably at home and in the community. The Guide is packed with ideas, tips and inspiration about how small, easy changes can have positive impacts on the environment and your health and wellbeing - and save you money too!

So go on, challenge yourself to take up a new sustainable action today! Find out just how easy it is to work towards creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our children's children.


Our home and garden can be a bottomless pit of resource consuming ecological inefficiency - or a healthy Eden of self-sufficiency. So how do we manage that part of our ecological footprint we most control, our home, and set it on a sustainable path?



By creating a beautiful, efficient and productive garden in your home, you can learn the rhythms of nature and our humble role in it. So how can we let our green thumbs play and align our gardens to the sustainable path?



Thinking about things like the amount of resources used, how efficient the products are and their lifecycle can help us make more environmentally friendly purchases. How can we reconfigure our retail filters to include our environmental responsibilities?



Our food and drink choices influence the methods used to produce our food and drink, and the quality of that food and drink. So what can we do to help encourage more sustainable production, manufacturing and distribution of healthy food and drink?



Most of us still use the car as our primary mode of transport, and one quarter of all car journeys are less than 3 km. To ride a bike the same distance uses up less than one fiftieth of the energy required to drive. Explore sustainable transport options.



While most of us have less control over our workplaces than we do over our homes, our commitment to reducing the damage to the environment cannot stop when we get to work. Every day at work we make many decisions about water, waste and energy.



It is all too easy to feel that the world's problems are so big that you cannot make a difference. It's crucial that we have a sense of 'working together' on this most important challenge, to live sustainably.



We extract from nature to create billions of tonnes of things which we use once then bury or pump out to sea - and pay money for each of these stages! As individuals we can learn to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle, with the journey ending with zero waste... natures finest.



The majority of the services we receive from our governments, health care providers, banks, etc. are configured for financial efficiency (saving money or making it). How do we shift this?



Recreation is how we relax, reward and inspire ourselves. Careful choices about travel, luxury holidays and recreational toys can ensure we play sustainably too. With a bit of extra thought, we can make sure our recreational choices don't cost the earth!