Community Safety

Since 1996 Latrobe City has been recognised as an International Safe Community.

A Safe Community is one which all sectors of the community work together in a coordinated and collaborative way, forming partnerships to promote safety, manage risk, increase the overall safety of all its members and reduce the fear of harm. 

Community Safety is too big and complex to be managed by a single body or strategy, and is based on a foundation of networks and partnerships that combine resources and interests to address local concerns about injuries, crashes, anti-social behaviour and crime in a coordinated and sustainable manner.

An International Safe Community is required to meet the following six Safe Community Indicators to become and remain a designated Safe Community:

  1. A community based on partnership and collaborations
  2. Programs covering both genders and all ages, environments, and situations
  3. Programs for high-risk groups and environments, and programs that promote safety for vulnerable groups
  4. Programs that document the frequency and causes of injuries
  5. Evaluation tools for community programs
  6. Being a part of national and international Safe Communities networks

In partnership with many other organisations we undertake a range of activities to promote and improve safety including:

  • International Power Children’s Traffic School
  • Small Business Safety promotion
  • Supporting the local Liquor Accords
  • Community Safety and Wellbeing Forums
  • Community Safety Month
  • Traralgon CBD Safety Committee
  • Falls prevention
  • Preventing violence against women and families
  • Road safety initiatives
  • Addressing anti-social behaviour
  • Applying Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles to planning
  • Scooter safety
  • Pool safety
  • Supporting community action through graffiti removal and documentation
  • Promoting GoodSports programs
  • Improving lighting of walk and bike paths
  • Footpath upgrades
  • Assessment of dangerous trees
  • Child safety programs

For more information contact the Community Development team on 1300 367 700.


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