2019/20 Tree Replacement Planting List

About the project

We are seeking community feedback on Council’s preferred street tree replacement planting list.

Council’s tree selection is about planting the right tree in the right place. We currently plant a balance of native trees, native indigenous trees and exotic, evergreen and deciduous trees.

When selecting a tree species, consideration will be given to the area, site condition, future suitability and the character of the area and have aesthetic impact on the area to be planted. There are a number of specific criteria we also consider:

  • Is the tree toxic, an environmental weed or an allergy trigger?
  • Is it resistant to pest and diseases?
  • Will it outgrow its limited environment; does it have an aggressive root system?
  • Will its height at maturity interfere with overhead lines?
  • Does it have an adequate growth rate suited to the localised climate?
  • Is it prone to produce excessive fruiting, surface roots or sucker growth?

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Please let us know if you think that a tree should be added or removed from this list by completing the form below.

Consultation : This consultation is now closed Closing: 27 September 2019

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