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 We want to hear from you on the projects and initiatives that interest you. On this page you can find the activities that are open for your feedback and information about recently concluded engagement activities. Get involved and help shape our future! Please note: all submissions are considered public documents unless advised otherwise.

Recently concluded engagement activities

  • Have your say on the Tyers Development Plan

    The draft Tyers Low Density Residential and Rural Living Development Plan is on public exhibition from 8 July 2015 to 12 August 2015 and this is your opportunity to comment on the proposal.

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  • Have Your Say on the Yinnar Community Centre

    Latrobe City Council seeking your input to inform the potential establishment of a community centre in Yinnar to provide new spaces for groups to meet, develop, share resources and undertake activities.

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  • Have your say on our Tracks, Trail and Paths Strategy

    The Tracks Trails and Paths Strategy is designed to encourage more walking and cycling in Latrobe City.

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  • Have your say on the Latrobe City Arts Strategy 2016-19

    Are you interested in arts, culture and creativity in Latrobe City?
    Latrobe City Council is currently reviewing arts services, activities and events that happen in Latrobe in preparation for the development of the Arts Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2019.

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  • Have your say on the Churchill Eel Hole Creek Geomorphology Study Draft

    Have your say by 16 June 2015
    The Eel Hole Creek Geomorphology Study was developed to support the Churchill East West Link Master Plan, which includes a number of ideas about the clean-up, redevelopment and crossing of Eel Hole Creek near McDonald Way in Churchill.

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  • Have your say on the Morwell West Development Plan

    The draft Morwell West Development Plan is currently on public exhibition for community comment until 8 June 2015 and this is your opportunity to provide comment on the proposal.

    A Development Plan is a concept layout for how a site will be developed for residential land use. It identifies where future residential lots, roads, pathways, open space and physical infrastructure should be located.

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  • Latrobe Performing Arts and Convention Centre Review

    Following a Council resolution in December 2014, and the opportunity to complete a funding submission with the National Stronger Regions Fund, it is necessary to complete a review of the Latrobe Performing Arts and Convention Centre Business Case 2012 and Feasibility Study 2009.

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  • Economic Development Strategy

    Latrobe City Council is developing a new Economic Development Strategy. Tell us what you think about where our city is at today and what you think our future direction should be.

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  • Recreation Master Plans

    Latrobe City Council is seeking your feedback and ideas on three draft master plans that have been recently developed for the following reserves:

    • Catterick Crescent Reserve master plan
    • Maryvale Reserve master plan
    • Review of the Moe Outdoor Recreation plan

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  • Local Law 2 Proposed Amendment – Dilapidated Buildings

    The management of unsightly buildings has been a significant and ongoing issue within Latrobe City municipality for a number of years.
    At ordinary council meeting 23 March 2015 council put forward alternate motion, to give notice of its intention to make amendment to Local Laws 2 to include Dilapidated Buildings and consult with the community on the draft law, include a trial period of 6 months for implementation.

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  • Parking Overlay (Amendment C94)

    Latrobe City Council is introducing a Parking Overlay over the Traralgon and Morwell Central Business Districts. The introduction of the Overlay will not change current car parking arrangements (i.e Council parking permits, all day parking locations, time allocation – 1hr, 2hr parking etc.).

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  • Future Morwell Open House Sessions

    Want to see a brighter future for Morwell? Come along to the Future Morwell Open House Sessions to have your say!

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    Latrobe Planning Scheme Review

    Latrobe City Council has started a review of the Latrobe Planning Scheme to assess its effectiveness, relevance and performance in terms of planning and land use in the municipality.

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