Industry Profiles

Coal and electricity generation

The Latrobe Valley (which includes Baw Baw Shire Council, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council) has one of the world’s largest reserves of brown coal.  Brown coal electricity generators in Latrobe City currently supply approximately 90% of Victoria’s electricity.

Latrobe City Council supports the sustainable use of brown coal as an energy source. We are working with generators, clean coal researchers and government agencies to develop clean coal pilot plants and research facilities in Latrobe City.


Latrobe City is the retail centre for Gippsland and is home to Mid Valley Shopping Centre in Morwell and Stockland Plaza in Traralgon. These centres host a range of major retail chains, speciality stores and produce outlets. Arcades and plazas are found in the main commercial centres of all major towns in Latrobe City.

The retail sector provides the highest employment of any sector in Latrobe City providing close to 4,000 jobs. The sector contributes $330 million to the local economy annually.


Latrobe City has a large manufacturing base, established from the electricity generation sector. Latrobe City is home a variety of engineering firms, design and manufacturing specialists. Companies such as Safetech, Keil Industries and Fishers are based in Latrobe City supplying local, state, national and international markets.

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Latrobe City is home to GippsAero, the only commercial aircraft manufacturing facility in Australia

The development and expansion of the Latrobe Regional Airport has created further opportunities for aviation-related businesses to establish on allotments with taxiway access to the main runway. The expansion provides opportunities for aerospace and aviation related industries to expand or establish their operations at the airport.

Agriculture, dairy and food processing

The Latrobe Valley, with its fertile soils supports a vibrant agricultural industry.

Lion (formally National Foods), one of Australia’s largest food and beverage producers has established a state of the art dairy processing plant in Latrobe City.

Opportunities for the production of biomass and algae for electricity and fuel production are expected to provide further markets for agricultural products.

Timber, forestry and paper production

Latrobe City’s large natural resource supports a productive timber and forestry industry providing softwood, value-added hardwood, and paper products sold to domestic and export markets.

Australian Paper is one of the largest paper manufacturing facilities in the southern hemisphere. The Maryvale complex leads in the manufacture of high performance packaging supplies and office paper.

Forestry projects are eligible under proposed schemes to generate carbon credits for sale to domestic and international markets.

Information technology and business services

Latrobe City is a regional leader in information communication technology. Combining traditional with new technologies, the industry has developed a highly skilled workforce and has the capacity to service expanding local industry and business.

Sage Technology/ Viatek provides innovative IT solutions to commercial and industrial businesses throughout Australia and internationally. The shared business services sector in Latrobe City continues to grow with increasing numbers of private and government call centres operating across the region.

Education and training

Major facilities for higher education and training include: 

Federation University, Gippsland Campus

Federation University, Gippsland Campus: provides tertiary education to local and international students and distance education facilities cater for local and international students.  

Federation Training

Federation Training: provides educational services to Gippsland, Victoria and overseas with broad-based training programs on and off-site.

Apprenticeships Group Australia

Apprenticeships Group Australia: One of Australia’s largest leading providers of apprenticeships to industry.


Latrobe City is a centre for health services to the broader Gippsland region. Contributing significantly to Latrobe City’s economy.

Facilities include Latrobe Regional Hospital, Maryvale Private Hospital, Latrobe Community Health Services and numerous medical providers.

The region has an extensive range of specialist services including pathology, aged care, palliative care, community health, cancer support, immunisation, disability services, home care, physiotherapy, parenting, paediatric, child and adolescent services.

Tourism and events

Tourism is estimated to inject $92.8 million per year into the local economy. The sector is made up of small businesses, with a few medium sized businesses operating in the accommodation and conference sector.

Latrobe City hosts many widely recognised events including national and international sporting events such as the Victorian Junior Tennis Championships.

Latrobe City has identified events, business tourism and conferencing as market opportunities that would enhance the trade of existing retail, food and entertainment businesses.