VicSmart Permit Process

Outlining the two permit processes

What is VicSmart and why has it been introduced?

VicSmart is a simple and fast planning permit process for straightforward applications that has been introduced by the Victorian Government .

VicSmart has been introduced to ensure timely and efficient processing and provide certainty that the level of assessment is proportional to the nature of the proposal.

Under the VicSmart permit process the following will occur:-

  •  Planning decisions should be made within 10 business days.
  •  Planning applications will be exempt from advertising and referrals.
  •  The Council CEO or Delegate will decide the application.
  •  An applicant has the right of review to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) if there is a disagreement about whether the decision guidelines have been met.

Types of VicSmart applications

There are 12 classes of state VicSmart applications listed in the Victoria Planning Provisions. The VicSmart classes are described by type of application, various criteria that must be met and the provision that triggers a permit. The classes and requirements are summarised in the VicSmart Planner and Practitioner Guide

Prior to lodgement

Preferably, the applicant should discuss the proposal with Council to determine if VicSmart applies and what information is required to be submitted. Phone 1300 367 700 to speak with a Statutory Planner to assist you.

Checklists for VicSmart applications

VicSmart Checklists for VicSmart Applications summarise general application requirements and the requirements related to each class of application. Where a proposal falls into more than one VicSmart class of application, the information requirements of each class of application apply and the corresponding checklist should be completed.  An application may need more than one checklist.

What happens if a permit trigger is not classed as VicSmart?

If an application requires a permit under a provision of the scheme that is not identified as a VicSmart application, then the application cannot be assessed under the VicSmart process and the regular permit process will apply.

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