The Latrobe Planning Scheme determines whether a planning permit is required for the subdivision of land.  It may be as simple as separating two dwellings on a lot into two individually titled properties, or as complex as creating multiple allotments from a single property.

The subdivision process involves three steps.

Subdivision Process

A planning permit may be required for the creation of additional lots, re-alignment of boundaries, removal/creation of easements and removal of covenants/restrictions.

Step 1 : Planning permit for subdivision

A planning permit must be applied for through Council and will undergo an assessment process that may involve referrals to servicing authorities and notification to affected properties. Once this process is complete a planning permit may be granted.  A planning permit will outline specific conditions that must be met.

Step 2 : Certification

The certification of a plan of subdivision is an administrative step to ensure the plan of subdivision is satisfactory. The Plan of Subdivision for Certification is referred to the Servicing Authorities who check whether easements  are required for their services. Once the Servicing Authorities have consented to the Plan of Subdivision the plan may be certified.  A Certified Plan is valid for five years, if the plan is not registered at the Titles Office within that time, the plan expires.

Step 3 : Statement of Compliance

A Statement of Compliance is the document required to conclude the subdivision process, allowing registration of the subdivision at the Titles Office and the release of the new Titles by the Titles Office.  A Statement of Compliance will not be issued until all conditions of the planning permit have been met. Usually these conditions require services and infrastructure to be put in place.


Latrobe City Council is an active partner of the SPEAR (Streamlined Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals) Subdivision program, an initiative launched by the formerly known Department of Planning and Community (DPCD) currently known as the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI).

Spear Subdivisions manages applications on-line, including lodgement, requests for further information, referrals, advertising, approvals and tracking of applications.

Click the icon to view current applications in the Latrobe City Council municipality and register to lodge a

Subdivision Application/Certification online

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