Removal of Native Vegetation

Native vegetation is important

Since European settlement the majority of native vegetation in Latrobe City has been cleared primarily for agriculture. Less than 23% native vegetation cover remains, and there is less than 5% of plains grassy woodland in which many of our towns were built it is important that this is protected, as native vegetation is priceless in terms of providing clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.

Permit applications for native vegetation removal

In Victoria, all types of native vegetation, including trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses are protected, and their removal is registered through the planning system.  If you want to remove native vegetation a planning permit is required, unless the proposal is exempt.

This Native Vegetation Removal Permit Applicant’s Guide and form have been prepared to assist you to apply for a planning permit to remove native vegetation.  Before submitting an application or starting works, you should discuss your proposal with a Latrobe City planning officer on 1300 367 700. They can advise you:

  • if you need a permit
  • what information should be included in your application
  • whether a pre-application meeting visit is recommended
  • how the proposal can avoid or minimise native vegetation removal
  • whether an offset is required and what might be suitable
  • whether your application will be referred to the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE).

If you need a planning permit to remove native vegetation you should complete the form at the back of the guide and submit it with a site plan and photographs attached) to Latrobe City Council along with a Latrobe Planning Permit Application Form and any other documentation required including application fees.

Please note that the guide is not designed to provide advice on meeting the protection requirements.  If you need help with this issue, please speak to the Country Fire Authority.  However, once it has been decided what native vegetation removal is required you may use the guide to help you with your application.

When submitting an application to remove native vegetation you must complete all sections of the form at the back of this guide. Please note that all the information is required to assess your application.  Depending on what you are proposing, Latrobe City Council or DSE in some cases may require additional information. Please print your answers so that they can be easily read if you run out of space on the form, please attach additional page.

Collecting firewood

Council-managed reserves and roadsides should not be used for firewood collection. Dead trees and fallen wood in bushland areas provide important habitat for plants and animals and should be left in place.

Designated firewood collection areas on land managed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment can be used for firewood collection during certain times of the year. Visit the DSE firewood webpage for further details.

Reporting illegal removal of native vegetation

Latrobe City Council is the responsible authority for administering and enforcing the planning scheme under which native vegetation is protected. There are penalties for the illegal removal of native vegetation.

To report suspected illegal native vegetation removal contact the Planning Enforcement Officer.

You must leave your name and contact details.

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