Planning Process

What is Planning?

Planning refers to the decisions that change people’s everyday lives and environment. Examples of these decisions may be the location of a new shopping centre, the location of parks and public open spaces, bicycle and walking paths or a new road. These decisions impact on the way people go to work, where they shop and what they do in their leisure time.

Latrobe City Council makes most of the planning decisions that affect Latrobe City’s municipality. Latrobe City Council’s Statutory Planning team decides whether or not to grant a planning permit for a new use and/or development, and if so, what permit conditions are appropriate. The team also provides information and advice about the Latrobe Planning Scheme, and processes and coordinates planning proposals for Council’s consideration.

Do I need a Planning Permit?

A planning permit allows permission to develop or to use and develop land for a particular purpose. The Latrobe Planning Scheme clearly explains the various types of use and development of land that requires a planning permit. To find out if you do need a permit, contact us or speak to a local planning consultant.

New delegation process

Please note that an application that has five or fewer objections can now be approved by the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer may still refer any application to Council for consideration. Any application that has more than five objections must be referred to an Ordinary Council meeting for a decision.

Other approvals

It is important to note that you may also need to obtain other approvals in addition to a Planning permit (e.g. a Building permit).
A Planning permit is not a Building permit.  A Planning permit only applies to the land for which it has been granted.  Permits are usually subject conditions including the approval of plans by Council.

Need help or need to know more?

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) have produced a short guide to planning which provides detailed information about the Planning system.  It focuses on the four most common Planning processes:

  1. Applying for a Planning permit.
  2. Objecting to a Planning permit.
  3. Applying for a Planning Scheme Amendment.
  4. Objecting to a Planning Scheme Amendment.    

The guide is written in basic terms but is comprehensive and guides users through the necessary statutory procedures. 

If you have any enquiries about Planning or wish to make a pre-application meeting to talk to one of our Planners prior to lodging your planning permit application please contact the Statutory Planning team by phone on 1300 367 700, by fax (03) 5128 5672 or email to

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