Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to land that may be significantly affected by bushfire. A planning permit will generally be required to develop or subdivide land affected by the BMO. 

BMO mapping changes

On 3 October 2017, the state government introduced changes to bushfire management planning provisions in the Latrobe Planning Scheme including:

  • new mapping for the Bushfire Management Overlay
  • changes to some planning permit requirements

The changes may affect you if you are seeking to build a structure on a property affected by the BMO overlay. The changes do not affect existing structures.

For more information about the Bushfire Management Overlay visit the DELWP websiteBushfire Management Overlay.

Planning permit requirements

I need to apply for a planning permit for:

Most applications for planning permits under the Bushfire Management Overlay will be referred to the CFA for advice.  We advise you to contact the CFA directly to discuss your proposal before you submit your application.

Note: Bushfire Management Overlay planning applications are complex and must accurately meet the Victorian Planning Provisions. We strongly encourage you to work with a suitably qualified consultant specialising in Bushfire Management Overlay matters to prepare the plans and documents for submission.

Vegetation removal

The Latrobe Planning Scheme (Clause 52.48-5) provides an exemption to remove vegetation to create defendable space for a dwelling approved under the Bushfire Management Overlay. However, before removing any vegetation phone the Environmental Planner on 1300 367 700 to confirm requirements.