Minimum Garden Area Requirement Planning Permit Application Checklist

Whether or not a planning permit is required for the construction or extension of a dwelling or residential building, a lot must provide the minimum garden area at ground level as set out in the following table:

Lot size

Minimum percentage of a lot set aside as garden area

400 - 500 square metres 25%
501 - 650 square metres 30%
Above 650 square metres 35%

What is garden area?

The garden area must be an uncovered outdoor area of a dwelling or residential building normally associated with a garden. It includes open entertaining areas, decks, lawns, garden beds, swimming pools, tennis courts and the like. It does not include a driveway, any area set aside for car parking, any building or roofed area and any area that has a dimension less than 1 metre.

What information is required?

A planning application for the development of a dwelling must demonstrate compliance with the garden area requirement including:

  • Site Plan showing:
    • Uncovered garden area with dimensions greater than 1 metre
    • The garden area calculation as a percentage in accordance with the above table
  • Other conditions may apply (confirm with Council Planner)


Planning permit applications may be lodged by:

  • post:
    Statutory Planning                                
    Latrobe City Council                             
    PO Box 264                                         
    MORWELL VIC 3844                           
  • in person:
    Latrobe City Corporate Headquarters
    141 Commercial Road, Morwell


This checklist is a trial undergoing review by May 2018. Feedback on the checklist to Council is welcome. The checklist has been prepared to assist with the satisfactory information required to be submitted with a planning application. An initial assessment will be undertaken upon receipt of the application to ensure that the information is satisfactory in accordance with the Planning Scheme and Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Victoria). Please note that additional information may be required after the completion of the initial assessment. This publication may be of assistance to you but the State of Victoria and Local government authorities (Latrobe City, Baw Baw Shire, Wellington Shire) and its employees do not guarantee that the publication is without flaw of any kind or is wholly appropriate for your particular purposes and therefore disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information in this publication.