Checklists and Examples

Prior to lodging your planning permit application with Council, it is recommended that you review your application by using one of Council’s checklists. These checklists allow you to determine if you have provided the correct and necessary information. However, the checklists are only a general guide.

Council may request further information once your application is lodged.  Council may still send you an insufficient information letter or a further information request after your planning permit application is lodged.

Application Type     Use this checklist if: 
Liquor Licences(PDF, 18KB) You are applying for a planning permit in relation to a liquor licence or wishing to extend your existing red line area.
Animal Keeping(DOC, 332KB) You intend to keep Animals on your land.
Dwelling in a Farming Zone(DOC, 345KB) You intend to build a Dwelling in the Farming Zone.
Industrial or Commercial Development(DOC, 324KB) You intend to build within an Industrial Zone or Commercial Zone.
Multiple Dwellings(PDF, 157KB) You intend to construct more than one Dwelling on your property.
Advertising Signage(PDF, 144KB) You intend to apply for a planning permit in relation to signage.
Subdivisions(PDF, 147KB) You wish to subdivide land into two or more lots.
Outbuilding in the Farming Zone(PDF, 144KB) You wish to construct an outbuilding in a Farming Zone (FZ).
Buildings and Works (Development)
(DOCX, 72KB)
You intend to build, regardless of the Zoning.
Industrial Zoned Land - Buildings & Works(DOC, 324KB) You intend to build within an Industrial Zone.