Amend a Planning Permit or Extend the Planning Permit Expiry Date

Amending an approved planning permit or plans

(Section 72, Planning & Environment Act 1987)

This amendment allows you to change what was originally allowed by the permit, the permit conditions and the approved plans. However it is not possible to significantly change what was originally approved by the permit. The fee for this type of amendment depends on what you wish to change, how the land is used and the cost of your amended proposal.

Your request to amend the permit or plans must follow the same process as planning permit application, including the notification process.

For your application you must submit the following:

  • a completed Amend a Planning Permit Form
  • a full current copy of Title for the property
  • three copies of new plans, drawn to an appropriate scale
  • any other documents relevant to assess the application
  • prescribed planning fee (dependent on the estimated cost of the proposal)

Extending expiry of an approved planning permit

Each planning permit states the timeframe that development, use or certification must be started and completed within for the permit to be valid. It is possible to request an extension to this timeframe if the permit is due to expire.

The application can be made in writing:

  • before the permit expires, or
  • within six months after the permit expires, or
  • within 12 months after the permit expires, if the development lawfully commenced before the expiry date and you wish to extend the time to complete the development. Evidence to show works have commenced may be requested by the Council Officer assessing the application.

For your application you must submit the following:

  • a completed Request for an extension to a planning permit form(DOC, 157KB)
  • a current copy of Title for the property
  • an explanation of the reasons why the extension is needed
  • prescribed planning fee:
    • first request: $150
    • second request: $225
    • third request: $300

Please note: If an application for an extension to a planning permit is made outside the time specified above, Council and the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) cannot extend the permit. A new application for a planning permit must be submitted.

Amending an active planning application (an application currently being assessed)

(Section 50 & 57A, Planning & Environment Act 1987)

Proposed amendment/s to an active (undecided) planning permit application or active amendment application can be made (under section 50 and section 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987).

For your application you must submit the following:

  • a completed Request for an Amendment to an Application for a Planning Permit (doc.)
  • three copies of revised plans, at the same scale and type as those originally submitted for the Planning Application. Please ensure that all changes are clearly shown
  • prescribed planning fee (This will be determined upon lodgement)

Information on all prescribed planning fees

Before submitting an amendment application?

We recommend you talk to a planner before submitting your application. A preliminary look over the proposal may be required. Copies of revised plans can be sent to