Amendment C115 - Morwell Traralgon Employment Corridor

Amendment C115 - Morwell to Traralgon Employment Corridor

The Morwell Traralgon Employment Corridor Investment Masterplan is a document to facilitate future growth and development of land located to the immediate north of the Princes Highway between the urban areas of Morwell and Traralgon over the next 20 years.

The plan will guide future land use and development in a coordinated manner, and provide greater certainty for all stakeholders in the delivery of a preferred outcome.

What does the amendment do?

Amendment C115 implements and facilitates the directions set out within the Morwell to Traralgon Employment Corridor Investment Masterplan - August 2018 (the Masterplan) by rezoning land identified as short term to facilitate development around the Latrobe Regional Hospital for a health precinct.

The amendment applies to land within the Morwell to Traralgon Employment Corridor (MTEC) shown in Figure 1 below. The MTEC is broken up into 14 precincts and outlines a unique identity for each precinct. This amendment facilitates the rezoning of land in Precincts B3 and D, it also facilitates further development of Precinct F.

Amendment C115 Zone Map


Aims of the Plan

  • Ensure that there is enough suitably zoned land within the municipality to facilitate development and provide direction to potential investors regarding the key opportunities within the region.
  • Support job growth and economic diversification for the municipality.

The Masterplan estimates that the full development of the corridor has the potential to support 5,623 jobs and generate an economic output of $2.5 billion. This amendment has the potential to create up to 3,411 jobs and $1 billion in economic output.

The amendment also highlights the future opportunity to develop other precincts within the medium to long term depending land supply and development rates.

Project history

Stage 1 - Background Information Stage (2017-18) – COMPLETED

In partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Latrobe City Council appointed Urban Enterprise (Economic and Planning Consultants) to undertake the MTEC project. This project commenced in September 2017 and was a major initiative in the 2017/2018 Budget.

Consultation with key government stakeholders and landowners were undertaken in December 2017 and January 2018.

The project consisted of:

  • Background Reports, including traffic, service, native vegetation and an economic analysis; and
  • Preparation of the draft Masterplan.

The Background Reports were finalised in April 2018 which identified key opportunities and constraints for the precinct. This Background Reports and related technical reports were presented to Council at the 28 May 2018 Councillor Briefing session and have informed the drafting of the Masterplan.

Stage 2 – Draft Masterplan (2018-19) - COMPLETED

The draft Masterplan identifies preferred planning tools and land uses within the Morwell to Traralgon corridor and provides guidance for future planning scheme amendments to implement any planning policy/tool changes.

The draft Masterplan was endorsed by Council on 3 September 2018 subject to further work to be undertaken before proceeding to a planning scheme amendment were to complete a Servicing Strategy and Bushfire Assessment. The meeting minutes and Council Resolution can be found below under Related Documents.

A Servicing Strategy was required as it had been identified that there are some major constraints in servicing the precinct. This also impacts areas outside the MTEC precinct, including the Firmins Lane Industrial precinct.

A Bushfire Assessment was as a result of VC140 changes to the Latrobe Planning Scheme by the State Government. These changes mean that bushfire implications must be considered in any settlement planning.

The draft Masterplan can also be found below under Related Documents.

Stage 3 - Planning Scheme Amendment – authorisation and exhibition

Stage 3 involves the finalisation of the draft Masterplan and the exhibition of a Planning Scheme Amendment to introduce the Masterplan and its recommendations into the Latrobe Planning Scheme.

Amendment C115 was granted authorization by DELWP on 28 May 2019

Exhibition of the amendment took place between 13 June 2019 to 15 July 2019 resulting in a total of 18 written submissions received.

Current stage: Post exhibition

The Amendment went to a Council Meeting on Monday 2 September 2019 to consider submissions.

The adopted resolution is:

That Council:

  •  Having considered all written submissions received to Amendment C115 requests the Minister for Planning establish a planning panel to consider submissions for Amendment C115 and prepare a report; and
  • Advises those persons who made written submissions to Amendment C115 of Council’s decision.

View the Minutes for September Council Meeting

Council considered all written submissions received to Amendment C115 and requested the appointment of a Planning Panel to consider the submissions. A further update will be provided once dates from Planning Panel Victoria have been confirmed.

Update Panel

The directions hearing was on the 9 October 2019 and the Panel Hearing will be on the 12th November 2019. We attach the documents for Part A for panel for public viewing

More information

View the related documents below.

If you have any questions phone Lorrae Dukes, Coordinator Strategic Planning on 1300 367 700 or email

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