Traralgon North Development Plan

Latrobe City Council has received a request to rezone a strip of land to the north of the existing Traralgon North Development Plan (TNDP) area. As a result of this request, it was determined that the TNDP should be updated to reflect this additional strip. The TNDP is being updated to ensure the development contributions to the overall costs of the TNDP are fairly applied. To include this strip of land, an Addendum to the TNDP has been prepared to reflect updated infrastructure costs and has considered servicing, bushfire risk and environmental factors.

Planning Scheme Amendment C114 (Traralgon North Strip Rezoning) is a separate process to the TNDP update. Details on this amendment can be viewed at or viewed at any of our service centres.

What changes are proposed?

The land area of the TNDP precinct has increased from 118.6ha to 123.83ha; this additional area has the potential to yield approximately 33 lots through future planning permit applications. 

A general overall check of the TNDP has been undertaken following on from the issuing of permits and the implementation of the Development Plan and permits to date within the precinct.

Addendums have also been added to the Flora and Fauna Report, Bushfire Risk Assessment and Servicing Strategy background reports.

The TNDP maps have been updated as follows:

  • Identify the rezoning of the corner of Traralgon Maffra Road and Marshalls Road to Commercial 1 Zone and the approval of a supermarket and specialty shops in this location.
  • Show roads, lots and public open space that have already been constructed as well as approved lot layouts for subdivisions that have received planning permits since the Development Plan was originally approved. These approvals show road layouts that differ from the layouts that were originally approved under the Development Plan.
  • Relocated retarding basins to where they have been or are likely to be constructed.
  • Relocated the Sewer Pump Station, Rising Main, Overland Flow path and Outfall Sewer.
  • Made additional changes to correct drafting errors and omissions.

The Developer Contributions has been updated to reflect this extra land within the TNDP catchment. As a result of the additional lots, the Developer Contributions per hectare (also known as Development Infrastructure Levy or DIL), has decreased by $5,985.21, from $181,833.91 to $175,848.70 per Net Developable Hectare (NDA). You only pay this if you are developing your land.

What is the Net Developable Area (NDA) and Development Infrastructure Levy or (DIL)?

The NDA is the area available for development. The dollar value of the DIL is an amount a developer pays at the time of subdivision to contribute towards shared infrastructure across a development area. This is to ensure that all landowners within the TNDP are paying equitable amounts based on their land size.

Does the DIL apply to me?

If you own a residential lot in The Rise development, the DIL contribution is not applicable. This is only applied to land which has subdivision potential as indicated in the Traralgon North Development Plan. The Rise is part of this plan, however the DIL and contributions has been paid as part of the creation of these lots.

Current Status: Post Exhibition

Public Exhibition of the amendment took place between 21 November 2019 and 23 December 2019 resulting in a total of 3 written submissions received.

All submissions received, as well as a response to each submission, will be presented to Council for their consideration at a future Ordinary Council Meeting.  All submitters will be notified of the Council Meeting date once it has been confirmed.

Further Information

For further information on the Traralgon North Development Plan phone Danielle Simpson, Coordinator Urban Growth 1300 367 700.

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