South East Traralgon Precinct Structure Plan

About the project

Latrobe City Council is working on background reports for a residential growth area, south-east of the Traralgon township, to inform the preparation of:

  • Precinct Structure Plan (PSP)
  • associated Development Contributions Plan (DCP)
  • Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (NVPP)

The precinct covers an area of approximately 187ha containing 83 properties and land in general residential, farming and rural living zones.

South East Traralgon Map, description below

A PSP is a ‘big picture’ plan that sets the vision for developing new communities and is the primary plan for guiding development in growth areas. PSP’s identify where main roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, housing, employment areas, infrastructure and connections to transport will be located.

The South East Traralgon precinct is identified as a residential growth area in the Traralgon Structure Plan which forms part of the Latrobe Planning Scheme. The PSP will ensure that future development in this area is planned and coordinated.

Current status

To understand the opportunities and constraints for the area the following background reports are being prepared by specialist consultants:

  • Native Vegetation and Flora and Fauna Survey
  • Stormwater and Drainage Assessment
  • Roads and Traffic Assessment
  • Retail Assessment
  • Community Infrastructure Assessment

Next steps

Once the background reports are completed, the PSP will be prepared. Landowners and occupiers within the precinct, and the surrounding community, will be consulted throughout the preparation of the PSP.

More information

For more information about the South East Traralgon PSP and the PSP process:

Latrobe City Council has completed another precinct structure plan within the municipality, located between Lake Narracan and the existing Moe/Newborough township. View the Lake Narracan precinct structure plan (PSP) from the endorsed development plans to understand the outcome of that PSP.

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