Live Work Latrobe (Housing Strategy, Industrial Land Use and Employment Strategy and Rural Land Use Strategy)

Live Work Latrobe

What is Live Work Latrobe?

The Live Work Latrobe Project comprises the development of three distinctive, yet complementary strategies that will shape the future growth and development of Latrobe City, Gippsland’s Major Regional City.

The three strategies (encompassing Housing, Industry and Employment and Rural land use) will provide certainty and direction for the community, investors, infrastructure and service providers and coordination of government action for the long term growth, prosperity and liveability of Latrobe City.

Project timing and process

The Live Work Latrobe project is being undertaken as a three stage process as shown below.


Stage one

Stage one focused on community consultation and background research. Stage One was completed during May 2016, with Council endorsing a Background Report, Consultation Report, and Policy Directions Paper. These reports can be accessed from the links provided below.

Stage two

Stage two utilised the key findings from stage one to prepare three draft land use strategies that will provide a roadmap for future land use planning, identifying the right locations for new housing, new industry and provide clear guidance for future rural land use and investment. Each of the draft Land Use Strategies were endorsed by Council for public exhibition as part of a formal planning scheme amendment process at the Council meeting held 21 August 2017.

About the strategies

The draft Housing Strategy identifies a framework for future housing within the Latrobe City considering the preservation of neighborhood character, whilst ensuring opportunities for affordable, accessible and diverse housing types with good access to services and public transport.

The draft Industrial Land Use and Employment Strategy will ensure the future supply and location of industrial land is best positioned to support new and existing industry and employment opportunities.  The strategy will align and support the realisation of Latrobe City Council’s Economic Development Strategy (adopted by Council 23 May 2016).

The draft Rural Land Use Strategy will set long-term guidelines for the future use and development of rural land in Latrobe City. These guidelines consider the protection of valuable agricultural land and rural landscapes, the natural environment as well as opportunities for rural residential living.

The opportunity to provide your comments to each of the draft strategies will be provided by way of a formal public exhibition and submission process as part of stage three, which is anticipated commence during October this year (see below). In the meantime, if you would like to share your thoughts or ask questions regarding the draft strategies, phone Nathan Misiurka, Senior Strategic Planner on 5128 5499.

Stage three

Stage three of the project will now focus on the formal public exhibition of each of the draft strategies along with a range of corresponding changes to the Latrobe Planning Scheme.

The public exhibition and submission process will commence once necessary approval from the Minister for Planning has been obtained. This approval is anticipated to be received during October this year. As part of the exhibition process, Council officers will be actively seeking submissions from interested members of the community.

To support community participation in the exhibition and submission process, a series of community forums and Open House sessions are currently being planned across large and small towns. Details of these forums will be added to this webpage, advertised in local newspapers and posted across Council’s social media sites in the coming weeks.


More information

Phone Nathan Misiurka, Senior Strategic Planner on 5128 5499 or email to:

  • Find out more about the Live Work Latrobe project, and how you can get involved in Stage 3
  • Make an early submission

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