Latrobe Planning Scheme

Update of the Latrobe Planning Scheme, which controls the framework for decision making in regard to land use and development within the municipality.


The Latrobe Planning Scheme Review was completed in 2014. After the community engagement phase, which included a community survey, one on one discussions, and written submissions.   

The Latrobe Planning Scheme outlines the framework for decisions about land use and development within Latrobe City. It also provides a framework for council and the community to highlight key issues such as environmental values and risks; landscape and built environment; heritage; housing; economic development; community development; open space; transport and infrastructure. These issues influence where we live, how we get to work, where we shop, and what we do in our spare time.

The Planning Scheme Review project was aimed at assessing the effectiveness, relevance and performance in terms of planning and land use in the municipality as guided by Latrobe City’s stakeholders. 

The 2014 Review found that overall the Latrobe Planning Scheme remains a sound basis for day to day decision making on land use and development in Latrobe City. The feedback received was used to consider Council’s strategic land use planning priorities over the next four years. 

The Latrobe Planning Scheme Review Report, was adopted at the 5 November 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting, and informed changes to the Latrobe Planning Scheme through Amendment C97.

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