Traralgon Growth Areas Review

Provides direction for the strategic use and development of land around Traralgon, Morwell, Tyers, Glengarry, and the Traralgon-Morwell corridor.

map showing the area that the this review covers.

The Traralgon Growth Areas Review (TGAR) provides a growth strategy that identifies areas for future urban development (i.e. housing, retail, commercial and industrial) around Traralgon, Traralgon – Morwell corridor, Glengarry and Tyers up to the year 2051.

The Traralgon Growth Areas Review project comprises a Background Report, a Framework Plan and a Structure Plan for Traralgon West, which were placed on public exhibition for a period of 32 weeks from 9 April 2012 until 16 November 2012. 

28 April 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting

Council considered all written submissions, and resolved to adopt the final draft TGAR documents at the 28 April 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting. The recommendation of Council was as follows:

  • That Council having considered all written submissions received to Traralgon Growth Areas Review (TGAR), adopt the final TGAR Background Report, final TGAR Framework Plan and final Traralgon West Structure Plan all dated August 2013.
  • That Council requests Authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit the proposed amendment to the Latrobe Planning Scheme, which seeks to amend the relevant clauses of the Municipal Strategic Statement to enable key parts of the TGAR Framework Plan and Traralgon West Structure Plan to be included in the Scheme.
  • That Council advises those persons who made written submissions to TGAR and key stakeholders of Council’s decision and thanks them for their participation in the project.

Amendment C87 – Traralgon Growth Areas Review (TGAR)

The recommendations of the Traralgon Growth Areas Review final reports provided the background for Amendment C87 – Traralgon Growth Areas Review. Amendment C87 Part A and Part C were adopted by Council at 23 May 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting. C87 Part B (Urban Amenity Buffer) was adopted by Council at 12 September 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting (for further information visit  Amendment C87 – Traralgon Growth Areas Review (TGAR)).

Finalisation of the Amendment

The Amendment was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 13 September 2016 and was formally gazetted on the 10 August 2017. Amendment C87 now forms part of the Latrobe Planning Scheme.

A copy of all approved documentation can be viewed at any Latrobe City Service Centre or online.

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