Small Towns

Developed Structure Plans for Boolarra, Glengarry, and Tyers in order to provide clear direction regarding the use and development of land within each of the townships.


Latrobe City Council adopted Small Town Structure Plans for Boolarra, Glengarry and Tyers in 2009. The structure plans build upon the unique elements of each town addressing land use conflicts, enabling land use and development opportunities, while supporting sustainable community outcomes for people, businesses and the environment.

The Structure Plans were incorporated into the Latrobe Planning Scheme during 2010 and 2011.

The Background Report below is included in the Latrobe Planning Scheme as a Reference Document.

Please note that there have since been a number of changes to various Small Town Structure Plans within Latrobe City, and as such, the 2009 plans in the Small Town Structure Plan Report may not be the most recent version.  All of the current Latrobe City Small Town Structure Plans are available in Clause 21.06 of the Latrobe Planning Scheme (with Main Town Structure Plans available in Clause 21.05).

Further Information

If you have any questions, phone the strategic planning officer on 5128 5445.

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