Council Meeting Round Up

Below is a snapshot of some of the decisions made by Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Monday 2 September 2019. For full details of the Council Meeting, please see the Council Meeting Minutes which will be available on the Council website on Thursday 6 September 2019

The times of the decisions are taken from the YouTube Live recording of the Council meeting. The video is available at


Footpath on Saviges Road, Moe

12.1 | Time of decision: 1:58:39

A petition requesting Council install a concrete footpath along Saviges Road, Moe opposite the pony club and existing netball courts. Council agreed to look at the possibility of such a service.

Regional City Growth and Investment

20th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship with Taizhou – Taizhou garden in Latrobe

Item 14.1 | Time of decision: 2:21:32

Council approved: 2:30.42

  1. The establishment of the Taizhou Garden in Latrobe City
  2. Endorsement the location to be at the Botanical Gardens, Moe
  3. Allocation of up to $60,000 toward the project budget and referred the project to the 2019/20 mid-year budget and the 2020/21 process for two stages of funding
  4. Notification to be issued to Taizhou advising of the support and plans
  5. The final design to be presented for consideration at a future Council meeting

Latrobe Regional Gallery DaVinci Machines Exhibition

Item 14.2 | Time of decision: 2:31:45

Council approved:

  1. The proposal to host the DaVinci Machines Exhibition at the Latrobe Regional Gallery from 5 June to 31 July 2020
  2. Exhibition admission prices are free for children 16 and under and students attending as part of a school groups. Adult price will be $5
  3. $72,000 of funding toward the project budget, from the 2019/20 mid-year budget process

Draft Submission to the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy – Preliminary Land Use Vision and Technical Study Summaries

Item 14.3 | Time of decision: 2:33:05

Council approved:

  1. The endorsement of Attachment 1 and submit to the Department of Land Water and Planning (DEWLP) and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Resources
  2. Communication of our position to the rehabilitation of brown coal mines to relevant ministers within State Government, mine operators, the community and government stakeholders
  3. The request the release of the full technical studies completed with LVRRS including the Geotechnical, Water and Lance Use Planning Studies
  4. Advocacy for the commencement of in depth investigation of alternate options to a full or partial pit lake rehabilitation outcome
  5. The request to State Government to increase consultation with the community regarding timeframes, economic and community impacts

Joint Council Response to City of Sydney’s Climate Emergency Declaration: Statement of Commitment

Item 14.4 | Time of decision: 2:51:55

Council approved:

The draft Statement of Commitment, to inform further discussions with other Australian Councils hosting power stations with a view of developing a joint position in relation to power station closures and related impacts.

Assets and Presentation

Recreation Needs Assessment – Review of Assessment matrix

Item 15.1 | Time of decision: 2:55:14

Council approved:

  1. Endorsement the amendments to the Recreation Needs Assessment matrices 2019
  2. A further report to be presented at the 10 February 2020 Ordinary Council meeting with the priority projects identified through the Recreation Needs Assessments for 2019 and future funding priorities

Community Infrastructure Loan Scheme Review

Item 15.2 | Time of decision: 2:59:22

Council approved:

  1. Officers to apply for a loan up to the value of $10 million through the Community Infrastructure Loan Scheme for the construction of the Moe Revitalisation Project Stage 2 up to $7.5 million and Kernot Hall Upgrade up to $2.5 million;

2.      Provide Council with a report outlining the outcome of the application and future plans if successful.

Appointment of Councillors to fill vacancies in Project Reference Groups

Item 15.3 | Time of decision: 3:00:34

Council approved:

  1. The appointment of Cr Dale Harriman to the Ted Summerton Reserve Project Reference Group in replacement of Cr Brad Law
  2. The appointment of Cr Darren Howe to the Monash Reserve Newborough Project Reference Group in replacement of Cr Brad Law
  3. The appointment of Cr Kellie O’Callaghan to the Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre Project Reference Group in replacement of Cr Brad Law
  4. The appointment of Cr Dale Harriman to the Latrobe Creative Precinct Project Reference Group in replacement of Cr Brad Law

Community Health and Wellbeing

Latrobe City Council Disability Action Plan 2018-2021: Year One actions and Year Two priorities

Item 16.1 | Time of decision: 3:05:13

Council approved:

  1. The Disability Action Plan Year One achievements as outlined in the report
  2. Endorsement of the Disability Action Plan Year Two priorities as outlined in Attachment 1

Draft Cultural Diversity Action Plan 2020-2024

Item 16.2 | Time of decision: 3:09:02

Council approved:

The endorsement of the final draft of the Cultural Diversity Action Plan (CDAP) 2020-2024

Organisational Performance

Finance Report – September 2019

Item 17.1 | Time of decision: 3:10:23


Receives and notes the Finance Report for the three months ended 30 September 2019, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1989

Tabling of ‘Assembly of Councillors’ records

Item 17.2 | Time of decision: 3:10:56


Receives and notes the Assembly of Councillors records tabled for the period 13 August 2019 to 8 October 2019

Urgent Business

Victorian Forestry Plan

Item 18.1 | Time of decision: 3:29:47

Council approved:

In relation to the State Government’s recent announcement regarding the timber industry, Council seeks support of the GLGN member Councils to:

  1. Express disappointment related to the decision to close the Native Timber industry in Victoria
  2. Express disappointment in the incorrect statements recently communicated as part of the decision
  3. Highlight the impact on Latrobe City and the ramifications for Gippsland into the future
  4. Requests that the State Government review this decision
  5. Request a joint meeting of concerned Council’s with the Premier of Victoria and Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development