Observing a Council Meeting

Our community is invited to attend and observe our open Council meetings. On arrival, you will be asked to sign in before proceeding to the meeting.

Hearing loop

We have a hearing loop located in the Nambur Wariga meeting room for people with hearing problems. 

Attending a Council meeting requirements

It is important that all visitors behave in a way that means that the meeting is not disrupted. We ask that you behave respectfully by ensuring that you:

  • Are quiet during the meeting
  • Do not create a nuisance and be respectful of the protocols in the meeting
  • Do not harass those attending the meeting, including Councillors, officers and other visitors
  • Do not bring in any placards, posters or materials other than your own personal effects unless you have sought and granted prior permission from the Mayor/Chairperson
  • Do not display any physical violence or verbal abuse to anyone or anything within the meeting
  • Have mobile devices switched off or on silent.

Recording a Council Meeting

The meetings can only be recorded by a member of the public or media (including photography, filming or audio) with the consent of the Mayor/Chairperson.