Smoke Tainted Rainwater

Posted on 8 January 2020

Type: Public Notice


Our call centre has been busy taking queries relating to the smell of smoke in individuals rain water tanks.

As our municipality is not directly affected by the bushfire impact area, please note that there is no water replacement program available to Latrobe City residents.

Should the taste of smell be affecting your water you may choose to direct the contaminated water for use in gardens and then clean and refill tanks with fresh supply once the impacts of poor air quality from the East Gippsland bushfire passes.

Smoke infused water is acidic in taste but not usually a health risk. This is due to smoke particles in the air settling on roofs which is then washed into water tanks.

There are a number of ways that you can prevent contamination including to install first flush diversions or a water filter on drinking water taps.

A helpful guide to assist you in managing your private drinking water supply can be accessed through the Department of Health's Your Private Drinking Supply.

You can also find more information about bushfire smoke and your water supply at Better Health Channel.

Tank water is a private water supply and owners are responsible for replacing water. Protection of your tank water is up to you.