Proposal to rename McPherson Road Newborough

Posted on 16 March 2017

Type: Public Notice


Latrobe City Council gives notice of its intention to consider a proposal to rename McPherson Road Newborough to correct the spelling to reflect the historical significance.

A locality plan of the section of road proposed to be renamed can be viewed below.

Council invites public comment concerning the proposed road rename.  Written submissions addressed to the undersigned, Latrobe City Council, PO Box 264, Morwell 3840 should be received by Monday 17 April 2017 and state if the person or a person acting on their behalf wishes to speak in support of the submission.

Submissions received will be considered at a future Council Meeting in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act.  All persons submitting a written submission will be advised of the Council Meeting date.

All submissions will be considered public documents unless specified otherwise by the submitter.

In the event that no submissions to the proposal are received it is intended that Council will prepare an application to the Registrar of Place Names to have MacPherson Road Newborough registered as the correct spelling of the road.

For more information phone Henry Morrison on 5128 5641 or via email


McPherson Road Newborough