Korean Dogs Org Spams Council

Posted on 13 September 2017


Latrobe City Council is warning the community, especially parents, to be cautious about activating links within posts from a Korean dog website on Facebook or Twitter.

For three days now, an American website has been spamming Council’s email and social media accounts with a prevention of animal cruelty campaign.

Cr O’Callaghan said that the website, inaccurately reports that Latrobe City Council is in a Friendship City relationship with Busan Namgu in South Korea.

“The koreandogs.org site states that we are in a Friendship City with Busan Namgu and asks Council to tell Busan Namgu that we are opposed to the torture and consumption of dogs and cats.

“While I understand their passion and dedication to the eradication of animal cruelty, the simple truth is that Council is not in a Friendship City relationship with Busan Namgu.

“The approach is unfortunate and does little to progress their cause.

“On Facebook, the group posts links to some fairly disturbing content – people should click on these links with caution as the images that they lead to are very confronting,” said Cr O’Callaghan.

“I would certainly guard against activating these links in the presence of children.  The images are unpleasant and bound to upset even the most robust of individuals.”

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