Council Votes For CCTV In Morwell

Posted on 13 September 2017


Monday night’s Latrobe City Council Ordinary Meeting has given unanimous support to a report recommending CCTV for Morwell.

Mayor Cr O’Callaghan said that Council officers will now seek to secure funding from the State Government’s Public Safety Infrastructure Fund Program.

“Councillors were unanimous in their support of the Report and there is now a clear resolution to proceed.

“Should our application be unsuccessful, we will continue to work with all levels of government to secure appropriate funding to enable the assessment and installation of CCTV in key areas across Morwell.

“Within the Report, it is clear that Councillors have listened to and acknowledged the concerns of the Morwell community.

“Our hope is that funding can be secured in the near future and that the recommendations of the Report can be implemented quickly.

Mayor, Cr O’Callaghan thanked Victoria Police for their support and guidance.

“Victoria Police are the experts in crime prevention, we give considerable regard to their advice and thank them for their collaboration on this project.

“In supporting this project, Councillors understand that CCTV is not the panacea to our issues, it is an important component of a larger crime prevention approach.

“Crime prevention is a task that every community member can participate in.  Being active and alert community members, reporting suspicious behaviour and supporting the Police in their work are all ways of making our community stronger and safer.

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