Recycling still being collected

Posted on 7 February 2018


Latrobe City Council has assured the community that kerbside recycling will continue to be collected despite Chinese import restrictions on unsorted, dirty or contaminated plastics and mixed paper and cardboard.

Latrobe City Council, CEO Gary Van Driel said Council would continue with business as usual for kerbside collection, but was also undertaking investigations into the impact of the ban on our contractors and alternate solutions.

“We have sought information from the State Government and Municipal Association of Victoria about the issue and have been advised the government is aware of the significance of this issue and is working with industry and local government as a matter of urgency.

“It is too early to be making any assumptions, or to advise if there will be a cost impact  on the community. Operations will need to be reviewed if the export ban is not lifted.

“We’ve spent many years supporting and elevating the recycling activities of our community, our intention is to continue to nurture this practice.

“Any departure from this would be a retrograde step and we implore state and federal governments to work quickly to develop a solution.

“We encourage all of the community to continue recycling as normal.”

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