REWRITING THE SCORE – Latrobe Regional Gallery

Posted on 12 April 2019


Alexander Boynes, Mandy Martin and Tristen Parr have collaborated on a new 12 metre installation at Latrobe Regional Gallery titled REWRITING THE SCORE. It incorporates painting, video and sound to reflect on the idea of energy transitions, in regards to the Latrobe Valley.

Mandy Martin’s high key canvases refers to the artist’s interpretation of the natural and industrial environment,  at this moment. These canvases are also the grounds for Alexander Boynes’ digital video projection which transports us out of the ash forest and into the Latrobe Valley, thrusting us into the future of the Anthropocene (The current era, in which humans are the major factor, changing the planet as a whole). This is accompanied by Tristen Parr’s sound work which features melancholic natural sounds and powerful cello composition.

REWRITING THE SCORE is part of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 23 April–19 May, a socially-engaged festival of exhibitions, theatre works, keynote lectures, events and artist talks considering climate change impacts and the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change.
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REWRITING THE SCORE will run from 13 April until 14 July 2019

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