Posted on 15 March 2019


Remix: Recent Acquisitions presents a diverse and distinct selection of artworks, acquired by LRG from 2016 to 2018. Some of the works have been purchased with the acquisitions budget or external funding, others have been gifted to the gallery by generous artists and private collectors.
Music and art collide, and Curator becomes DJ, as the selection of works are ‘remixed’ at an undefined point during the exhibition. Works will be relocated, added or removed – creating a fresh ‘mix’, altering the way the viewer engages with the works, and the ‘melody’ they experience.
The exhibition could be viewed as a two part exhibition, but the point at which it will transform is not disclosed - there is an element of mystery. Not all the works are on display together at one time; some works are fixed points, others may appear in just the first part, or only the second.
The exhibition presents works by artists both living and passed, such as Brook Andrew, Denis Beaubois, Harold Cazneaux, Wolfgang Sievers and Richard Tipping; across mediums including sculpture, printmaking, photography, film and installation.
Remix: Recent Acquisitions demonstrates LRG’s continuing commitment to the expansion and maintenance of a significant public collection, by collecting the works of prominent local and national artists.
Exhibition: 9 February to 28 April 2019

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