Morwell Recreation Reserve Upgrade Underway

Posted on 8 September 2017


Detailed planning has commenced to deliver the $5 million infrastructure upgrade package announced in February.

Mayor Cr O’Callaghan said that it was pleasing to see planning for delivery well underway.

“Strength-Led Transition identified community demand for significant liveability infrastructure development.

“Job creation and the development of an attractive, well serviced, connected community is critical to drawing and retaining highly skilled staff and their families.

“Building a community that people want to ‘live in’ as opposed to just ‘work in’ is very important to us.

“We know that if we are to continue to prosecute our case that Latrobe City is a prime location for State and Federal Government decentralisation then we need to continue to invest in liveability.

“New residents and prospective businesses all look for the same things – sustainable jobs, good schools, state of the art sporting facilities, diverse and well programmed cultural facilities, opportunities for higher education and lifelong learning and reliable public transport.”
Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said that the new facilities would revitalise the Morwell Recreation Reserve while injecting important infrastructure spending into the local economy.

“The $5 million boost was a great win for the community and it is very satisfying to see progress for this infrastructure development well underway.

“Council have advised that as part of this work they are in discussions with the clubs, confirming the plans and will soon move through their procurement processes.

“This project is a boost for jobs, local sport, female participation and community development.

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