Latrobe Creative Precinct contracts announced

Posted on 23 March 2018


Latrobe City Council has engaged the contractors to take part in an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process for the construction of the Latrobe Creative Precinct.

The contractors are Becon Constructions, ADCO and Ireland Brown Constructions.

Latrobe City Council’s mayor, Councillor Darrell White, said the ECI process represented the most effective way to get value for money on the project.

“The ECI process uses the specialist construction knowledge of the builders at an early stage to benefit the design process. This early stage of the process is where the greatest influence can be made on reducing building costs and ensuring the Latrobe Creative Precinct can be constructed for the best possible price using methods and materials that will create an exciting, sustainable building that will live for generations.

“The three selected contractors will work closely with Council and the architects, to come up with a detailed design that will provide value for money and maximise ‘buildability’,” Cr White said.

Cr White added that all the selected ECI contractors had committed to using as many local sub-contractors as possible if they win the overall contract.

“Once the detailed design is finalised, the three ECI contractors will make their best and final offers for the work and Council will decide who is awarded the construction contract to build the Precinct for the guaranteed maximum price,” Cr White concluded.

The ECI process will begin in April and will see the project on track to begin construction by the end of 2018.

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