First 1000 Days Project

Posted on 15 April 2019

First 1000 Days Project

Latrobe City Council and Anglicare Victoria have teamed up to deliver the Victorian Government funded First 1000 Days Project. This project aims to promote strong cultural connections for Aboriginal families with children in their first 1000 days. The First 1000 Days Project is from conception to two years of age as this lays the best foundation for children’s future health and wellbeing.

The First 1000 Days Project provides expecting Aboriginal families with a baby bag of goods, such as clothes, nappies and toiletries, to help them prepare for their babies arrival. The First 1000 Days Project also provides a book to families so they can document their babies connection to kinship, clan and culture, along with a family tree.

The project is also organising ‘A Welcome Boorai to Country’ to be held in August 2019. This is a ceremony where Elders and community members welcome new Aboriginal babies into the community. Regular gatherings of families connecting with local Aboriginal Elders are also organised.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about the program you can call Belinda on 1300 367 700 or Angela on 5135 9556.

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