Council advocacy translates into action

Posted on 10 March 2017


Council advocacy has translated into action today with an $85 million injection for a series of sporting infrastructure projects announced across Latrobe City.

Mayor, Cr Kellie O’Callaghan says, “We have been steadfast in putting the needs and desires of our community forward at every table, hallway and Twitter feed; and it is heartening to see that we have been successful in achieving the government’s attention.”

The cumulative impact of the massive boost in regional sporting infrastructure is designed to underpin Latrobe City’s position as destination of choice for elite sports, and serve as inspiration for community members to pursue all the benefits that flow from sporting club and team involvement.  

“Our strategy has been to leverage our community’s strengths as a path to prosperity, and of course sports are a feature of Latrobe City life. 

“While this package delivers 300 construction-phase jobs, and 275 ongoing ones, the value of better sporting infrastructure transcends jobs—it fosters a socially connected community complete with healthy, active lifestyles and a place of belonging for our young people.

“An $85 million investment in liveability is a welcome and wonderful boost to our City.  Once coupled with the Government decentralisation, better rail and health expansion we have been asking for, this transformation of our City will set us on a path towards the kind of prosperous future our community deserves as a fair ‘thank you’ in return for the contribution we have made to Victoria’s power needs.”

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