Coal overlay restriction removals a game changer for Latrobe City

Posted on 30 May 2018


The removal of decades’ old coal overlays on several parcels of land in Latrobe City will open the region up for investment. Council has been pushing for this outcome for many years.

Latrobe City Council’s mayor, Councillor Darrell White, said this decision represented a shift towards diversification for Latrobe City.

“We are more than our best known industry – coal. The removal of the overlay, in the area that surrounds Firmins Lane and Tramway Road, south of Morwell, which is fully serviced with utilities and road access, means we can open up the land to heavy industry. We want to be known for our manufacturing, for our engineering and for our capacity to be the regional city of choice for industrial opportunity”.

“In addition to the ongoing enquiries received by Council from potential investors, we know that Regional Development Victoria and the Latrobe Valley Authority have been unable to source suitable land for new industry in Latrobe City which stifles the creation of new jobs in accordance with Council’s aspirations for a diverse range of industries to be located here.

“Our submission to the Premier of Victoria recently highlighted this issue, and we are grateful that the State Government has listened and removed the constraints to our economic prosperity,” Cr White said.

“The community should understand the significance of this announcement. New jobs will come now that we can offer interested parties the land they need to invest. The decision means Latrobe City now has over 400 hectares of Industrial 1 and 2 zoned land that has access to essential services and is well located for large scale and heavy industry investment.

“We eagerly await the formalisation of the announcement by amending the Latrobe Planning Scheme accordingly,” Cr White concluded.

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