Are you interested in mine rehabilitation in the Latrobe Valley?

Posted on 25 October 2019


The State Government has released their draft Preliminary Land Use Vision for the rehabilitation of Latrobe Valley coal mines for public comment.

The draft Vision document will be used in the development of the final Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy.

Latrobe City Council understands that the Rehabilitation Strategy will establish the guidelines that will be used for future mine rehabilitation planning. It is therefore important that the community understand what is being proposed and that they take the opportunity to ‘have their say.’

We need the best rehabilitation outcome for future generations.

Council has consistently advocated for not only a safe, stable and sustainable land use outcome as desired by the State Government, but one that is also ‘visually attractive’ and ‘useable’.

Waiting several decades to achieve this is not an acceptable outcome for our community, nor is one that would compromise significant natural resource advantages of the region.

The final solution must consider how the regions natural resources including water availability are to be used into the future and how rehabilitation will still enable low emission coal technologies and alternative uses of carbon.
It is important that the community understand all the options for rehabilitation.

The opportunity to seek clarification and ask questions of a panel of experts is being provided this coming Wednesday 30 October 2019, 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Morwell Bowls Club, 52 Hazelwood Road.

The Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy is due to be completed by the middle of 2020. A panel of experts will share the outcomes of their studies into rehabilitating brown coal mine areas into lakes, considering water access, land stability and possible land use opportunities.

The community can find more information online at the Earth Resources website

“We have not seen any alternatives assessed by the state governments Mine Rehabilitation Strategy to date. No economic or risk assessment of the mine’s preferred option has been made available  – so it is difficult to know if the full pit lake option is the best solution for our community and economy. Or what the potential impacts might be for future job creation opportunities locally and the broader region.”

“I encourage all community members interested in not only the long term future of our region but also the process for determining the best outcome for our community, then please attend and ask your questions” - Latrobe City Deputy Mayor, Cr Darren Howe.

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