A time for respect

Posted on 15 November 2017


Latrobe City Council mayor, Councillor Darrell White is calling for kindness, tolerance and respect in the lead up to today’s Marriage Law Postal Survey results announcement.

Cr White said the one thing that could be guaranteed was that there would be groups of people elated and groups of people devastated.

“No matter what the outcome, we must remember that we’re only strong when we are a respectful and inclusive community,” Cr White said.

“Our collective futures can only prosper if we genuinely care and respect the opinions of others, and today that may certainly mean the need to respectfully agree to disagree.

“Whatever your opinion, whatever your response to the survey, on behalf of our community I ask that you express it with kindness and dignity.

“This survey has been incredibly confronting for many community members and the best thing that we can hope for today is that we have the collective capacity to accept the result with good grace.

“I am in no doubt that in the days, weeks and years to come each side of the debate will claim to have been wronged but the time for that discussion, the time for outbursts, is not today.

“Regardless of what that result is – someone will be hurting and we must remember that.

“My hope for today is that we are able to move forward as a stronger, more inclusive and cohesive community.

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