Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Policy

Adopted by Council on 7 February 2011

Policy Goals

Latrobe City Council’s role is to arrange and administer citizenship ceremonies where the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has issued Evidence of Australian Citizenship certificates for such purposes.  Latrobe City Council acts as a distribution agency in relation to application forms for Australian citizenship, which must be lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with all Federal government legislation impacting on citizenship ceremonies and provide sufficient flexibility within the process to cater for a variety of ceremonies suitable to the needs of the candidates.

Policy Implementation

  1. This policy refers to the ‘Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code’ book revised in 2008 by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and letter of 02/02/09 from Senator Chris Evans, Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.(Reference: DataWorks document number: 376185). 
  2. In Victoria, only the persons who are holding, occupying or performing the duties of any of the following positions have been authorised to preside at Australian citizenship ceremonies:
    1. Lord Mayor of Melbourne City Council;
    2. Mayor of a Municipal Council;
    3. Deputy  Mayor of Casey City Council;
    4. Chief Executive Officer of a Municipal Council;
    5. General Manager of a Municipal Council;
    6. Governor in Council appointed Administrator of a Municipal Council;
    7. Directors of Municipal Councils;
    8. Councillor, Robinvale Ward, Swan Hill Rural City Council.
    It is the Minister’s expectation that the permanent occupant of the authorised position preside at citizenship ceremonies.

    Section 73 of the Local Government Act 1989 allows councils to appoint an acting Mayor in situations where the Mayor is absent or incapable of presiding.  In order for an acting Mayor to have authorisation to preside at Australian citizenship ceremonies, the nominated person must be performing all of the duties of Mayor for a period of time.

    Additional persons can only be authorised to preside at Australian citizenship ceremonies upon written request to the Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. 
  3. Latrobe City Council Mayor, Chief Executive Officer and General Managers are authorised to conduct Australian citizenship ceremonies.  (Officers of Latrobe City Council are delegated authority to assist in the administration of citizenship ceremonies).
  4. Ceremonies will be carried out in strict accordance with the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code 2008 and only where all formal documentation from the federal government has been provided.
  5. The format of citizenship ceremonies may vary, as Latrobe City Council will endeavour to meet the needs of the candidates receiving their Australian citizenship.  However, in most instances, ceremonies will be a public event, and will be scheduled to be held during the day or evening.  To promote civic participation, a public citizenship ceremony will be incorporated into Latrobe City Council’s Australia Day celebrations each year.
  6. A summary of information relating to citizenship ceremonies conducted by Latrobe City Council will be included on the Annual Report each year. 
  7. The Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and in the event of any changes in applicable legislation.

This policy has been reviewed after giving proper consideration to all the rights contained within the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006; and any reasonable limitation to human rights can be demonstrably justified.