Organisation Structure

Mr John Mitchell

Mr John Mitchell, Acting Chief Executive Officer 

Planning & Governance

Mr Chris Wightman

Mr Chris Wightman, Acting General Manager

Council Operations and Legal Services

Property and Statutory Services

Legislative Compliance

Property and Statutory Services, Strategic Risk, Health and Safety


Property and Rates, Procurement, Accounting services, Payroll

Community Relations

Communications, Community Engagement

Future Planning

Urban Growth, Strategic Planning

Organisational Excellence

Mr Jamey Mullen

Mr Jamey Mullen, Acting General Manager

People and Development

Human Resources, Learning and Development

Information Services

Information Management, Information Technology-GIS

Corporate Strategy

Risk & Compliance

Community Liveability

Mr David Elder

Mr David Elder, Acting General Manager

Community Health & Wellbeing

Health Services, Social Support, Home & Community Care

Community Development

Community Strengthening, Employment Development, Emergency Management, Social Inclusion

Community Information

Local Laws, Libraries, Community Information

Child & Family Services

Early Learning & Care - Central & East, Early Learning & Care - West & Office, Early Childhood Health & Development

Healthy Communities

Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Children, Healthy Communities

Recreation & City Infrastructure

Mr Damian Blackford, Acting General Manager

Recreational Liveability

Leisure Facilities, Recreation and Open Space, Recreation

Infrastructure Operations Parks, Gardens and Playgrounds

Infrastructure Maintenance, Building Maintenance

Infrastructure Development

Major Projects, Infrastructure Design, Infrastructure Planning, Civil Works Projects

Economic Sustainability

Mr Geoff Hill, Acting General Manager

Latrobe Regional Airport

Economic Development

Business Development, Investment Attraction

Regional Partnerships

Waste and Landfill, Landfill Services, Waste Services

Arts, Events, Tourism & International Relations

Arts, Events and International Relations, Tourism