Organisation Structure

Gary Van Driel

Gary Van Driel, Chief Executive Officer 

Office of the Chief Executive

Sarah Cumming

Sarah Cumming, Executive Manager

Policy and Support

Community Relations

Regional Development

Planning & Economic Sustainability            

Phil Stone

Phil Stone, General Manager

Economic Development

Events, Arts, Tourism and International Relations

Latrobe Regional Airport

Statutory Planning

Future Planning

Corporate Services

Alison Coe

Alison Coe, General Manager

People & Development

Information Services

Corporate Strategy

Risk & Compliance


Community Liveability

Sara Rhodes Ward

Sara Rhodes-Ward, General Manager

Health & Wellbeing

Community Development

Health Communities

Community Information Services

Child & Family Services

Community Infrastructure & Recreation

Steven Piasente

Steven Piasente,  General Manager

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Maintenance

Recreation Liveability

Waste Sustainability